This game is not finished, it is a Game Jam entry that sadly ran out of time before it could be finished.

Into the wreckage...

Your mission is to investigate a derelict cruiser. Venture into the ship as you look for possible life signs. 


W, A, S, DMove
ShiftRun faster
MouseControl view

Made by Fredrik Edman, Mublo and  Pretrer


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:( sad he couldn't finish it


the lack of story and what im suppose to do other than escape is kind of confusing. graphically its nice. but the mouse flip and excessive camera movement really made me motion sick. . also i really wanted the blob monster to attack me.

maybe this is in my side or major glitch due to time crunch but it just stays at start in the pipe

Deleted 2 years ago

That is probably on your side or a glitch I haven't encountered so far. Did you try it again? Because you are supposed to be able to walk aroud the entire map :)

i tried chrome and edge reloading multiple times but no luck.