Our entry to the NES Jam by NEStalgia podcast

You take the role as Göldun, a Valkyrie on a mission to retrieve as many souls as she can while fighting of an army of the undead draugr and other monsters.


This game is sort of a Fauxmicom, aiming to be more nostalgic than "true" to the NES. 

It uses the original color palette, but otherwise it breaks several of the console's limitations.

Everything in this game was made from scratch; programming, art, music and SFX was made during the Nes Jam by NEStalgia Podcast  (9 days)

For reasons unknown, the browser version of the game sometimes won't get passed the start menu - if so, try refreshing the page or flip to another tab and back and it should do the trick.

If you find the game too challenging, try some archaic wizardry (up, up, down, down...).

We hope you enjoy it!



Input Action/Button
W, A, S, D Move / D-pad
JAttack / Button B
KJump / Button A
EnterPause / Start
SpaceChange Weapon / Select

Made by Fredrik Edman and Peter Sellgren

Illustrations by Sebastian Akander.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorFredrik Edman
Made withGameMaker


Goldun_Win.zip 43 MB


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is there a NES-Version of this Game???

Nope, this is just a fauxmicom game that is supposed to kinda look and feel like a NES-game.

is their any way to change the controls ? i just cant play the game with this setup ...

Sadly we did not prioritize to make alternative control schemes during the jam, so there is way to change them right now. 

One solution might be finding software that can rebind inputs for you. If you have a game pad I suggest using that with Antimicro :) I know I prefer playing it that way.

nice retrogame!

nes game!

dear crusader, veri much thenks

Very Polished. Good job.

Awesome Job! The music and art were excellent, and the gameplay felt super polished. Great game overall!

Thank you! Really glad you enjoyed it!

Wow! Top notch! This has all the classic, no holds barred vibes that make old platformers so addictive. I hope you continue this project, though it's pretty sweet as is. That beginning power button sequence is a great touch.

Impressive game. I love the retro visuals!

Thanks! Great job on the video and well done on beating the game :) Was funny when you realised you were running out of lives and reset xD

This game is nothing short of amazing! Loved it from beginning to end! Gave me so many nostalgic vibes, loved it as said, and keep up the AMAZING work! Left a follow =)

Many thanks for the feedback, and a big thanks for playing it to the end and uploading to footage! It's really cool and a great learning experience to watch someone else play the game. On top of that, amazing commentary, and good job on the video! Had me very entertained :)

Also, you was able to change weapons on Select (Space) :P So you could've had the axe back if you wanted.

What a fun game! Great work you two, the controls felt really tight & responsive but there was still that old era difficulty to it! 

The theme and setting really feels like something that belonged to the old era. The music was spot on as well! It had a real nice feel to it and just felt nostalgic.

(I used the archaic wizardry to beat it all because I die too easily, hehehe.)

Good choice! The "wizardry" is there to make sure everyone can see our entire game without us having to let go of that precious old school difficulty.  ^^ Thanks for trying it out and thanks for the feedback 

Increadibly satisfying game, amazing music and a beautiful setting, i really like everything Norse styled.

Fun idea about different weapons, gives plenty of variety and when i received both the bigger dagger and spear, i had to become more smart in my gameplay.

Fun boss as well, didnt take long before i realized how to beat him but it wasnt easy peasy either.

If i have to throw out something negative at least, then i think it might be the hitbox. it felt kind of like they hit me even when i wasnt touching the weapons they were throwing. but this wasnt a huge problem as it only reminded me of older unforgiving games haha

well done!

Thanks a lot for the feedback and for trying it out :) I can agree that some hitboxes are messed up (though that goes both ways imo, sometimes player-projectiles are pretty generous too! xD) But that's the kind of thing I didn't have time to fine tune due to the time limit :) 

The game is sensational, both the art, as the music, sound effects, gameplay and several other aspects. I really liked all the details (being able to "turn on" the console is an amazing idea). The game is perfect !

Congratulations, for the incredible work !


Thanks :) Actually, the turn on the console thing is only there to force the user to click the canvas (otherwise there is not sound xD). 


Big thanks! Really glad you enjoyed it!

This is legit the best one I've played from this jam. Amazing job!

Thanks a lot :)